Academic and Career Coach
Hannah Boldt


She/Her/Hers and They/Them/Theirs


Hannah has a B.A. in French and International Studies with certificates in African Studies and Global Cultures from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has her M.A. in Educational Psychology from the Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology Program and a graduate minor in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices from the Center for Spirituality and Healing, both at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Hometown Info

Hannah was born and raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin and did her undergraduate degree at UW-Madison. She stayed there for a few years after graduating and then moved down to Austin, TX, where she worked for a few more years. Hannah came to the U for her graduate program and hasn’t left since!

Fun Facts

Hannah, along with two teammates, drove a rickshaw (three-wheeled mototaxi; think glorified lawnmower…) across India for a charity race. The race took two weeks and spanned 2,000+ miles, approximately the distance from the southern tip of Texas to the Canadian border. Her team raised over $10,000 for a local reading charity and also finished the race, rickshaw intact!

Best advice for students exploring majors

Being uncertain about majors and careers can feel uncomfortable when it appears that everyone else has “a plan”. Uncertainty is not a bad thing, it’s actually an amazing opportunity to be open to a world of possibility! Exploration, while challenging, is a chance to reflect on who you are, what you value, what you enjoy, and what you’re good at. Take the opportunity to slow down, reflect, and explore what is most important to you.

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