Some majors at the University of Minnesota require additional entrance requirements before you are able to declare or be admitted to the major. 

This is often the situation if you are applying to change to another U of M college (e.g., changing from CFANS to CSE), but can also be the case for majors within your current college. The process can include (but is not limited to):

  • Completion of prerequisite courses
  • GPA minimum requirements
  • Audition
  • Portfolio review

As you explore majors, you may also find some that are competitive, meaning that there is not enough space in the major for all students who might be interested. To find out if a major requires an additional admission process, start by using the Major Profiles to learn how to declare your major of interest. Our Changing Colleges Within the U page will provide contact information and links to help you learn about the specific change of college process.

Make a Parallel Plan

If you are exploring majors that are considered competitive, we recommend you also explore options for parallel planning or a back-up plan. Admission to competitive majors is not be guaranteed and creating multiple plans will allow you to have other options if you aren’t admitted to your first choice.

If your intended major has a competitive admission and you want support through the process of developing a parallel plan, CAPE coaches are ready to work with you today!