Our Change of College Coach is a generalist who can help you through the beginning steps in changing colleges at the U of M Twin Cities. They can support you in:

  • understanding the process to change colleges
  • what prerequisite classes you might need 
  • who to contact in each college for specific questions 
  • understanding next steps and creating an action plan to take to change colleges. 

The Change of College Coach is not a replacement for your academic advisor or the change of college specialists in each college. If you have questions about creating a “four-year plan”, admissions decisions, or your graduation timeline, speak to the representatives in your desired college

Meet with the Change of College coach in-person or virtually, whatever works best for you! The Change of College Coach offers both short drop-ins and full appointments.

Meet with the Change of College Coach

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How long does an appointment or drop-in last?

Appointments last 20-30 minutes and drop-ins last 10-15 minutes.

What is the difference between an appointment and a drop-in?

At a drop-in, you can discuss quick topics like: 

  • Admission statics for each college 
  • A brief overview of the change of college process
  • The first steps you need to take to get started changing colleges 
  • Deadlines for change of college applications 
  • Who to contact in each college with questions 

At an appointment, you can create a more detailed action plan, including: 

  • What classes to take next semester to stay on track
  • What the application process looks like in detail 
  • How the classes you have already taken apply to your desired major
  • Understanding the timeline for application and admission
  • Continued support throughout the change process

How do I prepare for an appointment?

Come prepared to talk about a specific major you want to work towards. This major should be in a different college (and not your current college). You do not need to do any specific work or research beforehand. 

If you know you want a different major but are not sure which one, work with a CAPE coach first. Once you complete coaching and have a specific major in mind, come back and action plan with the Change of College Coach.

What’s the difference between 1-on-1 CAPE coaching and Change of College coaching?

A CAPE coach is best when you need help exploring and choosing a major. The Change of College coach is best when you want to create an action plan to change colleges for a specific major