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How to Choose a Business Major

As you consider a business major, start with identifying your interests and skills. Knowing more about yourself can help you reflect on how your interests align with the majors and careers you are exploring.

Use the following resources and lists of majors as a starting point to consider the best path for your goals, but remember that major does not always equal career. Many people who work in business-related careers do not have an undergraduate degree in a business-related major. 

Consider interest areas:

  • Analyze a business to determine how it could operate better
  • Control the financial resources of a company, organization, or agency
  • Manage natural resources, such as park, forest, or wetland
  • Manage the business interests of professional athletes, artists or performers
  • Analyze financial records to determine the health of a company
  • Help customers resolve a problem with a product or service
  • Be the spokesperson for an organization
  • Design a marketing or sales campaign
  • Sell a product or service
  • Create written materials for others to speak or read

Visit the Self-Awareness section of our Start Exploring resources for assessments and reflective exercises to learn more about your interests, values, and skills. 


Parallel Planning in Business

As you explore business majors, note that some have entrance requirements that must be completed before applying. In some cases, even if you meet these requirements, admission may be limited due to space.

If you are exploring majors that have entrance requirements, we recommend looking at options for a parallel plan (also known as a back-up plan). A parallel plan includes majors that relate to your interests and skills and can be declared without meeting additional requirements. Having multiple options allows you to pursue your goals if you are not admitted to your first choice major. 

Learning more about your interests, values, and skills can be helpful in identifying parallel plan options. Visit the Self-Awareness section of the CAPE site for activities that can help you learn more about yourself. 

If you would like support with developing a parallel plan, schedule a meeting with a CAPE Coach 

Business-Related Majors and Minors List

While not focusing exclusively on business, the majors and minors below have a connection to business and help build interpersonal and analytical skills relevant for many business career fields.

Bachelor of Individualized Studies: Business concentration

Communication Studies


Economics - Quantitative Emphasis

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Information Technology Infrastructure

Inter-College Program: Business concentration



Media and Information

Mathematics B.S. Actuarial Science sub-plan


Sociology B.S. Organization, Business and Non-Profit sub-plan

Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Justice B.S. Organization, Business and Non-Profit sub-plan

Statistical Practice

Statistical Science

Technical Writing and Communication

Minors and Certificates related to Business

Applied Business Certificate

Business Law 

Digital Media Studies



Career Paths in Business

It is important to learn about the range of possibilities in business careers and assess how career and job options match your interests and skills. 

Below, you will find resources to help you learn more about a variety of business careers:

Career Services Connect with the Career Services office for your college to get support in gaining experience

CLA’s Business Career Field See where liberal arts majors are working in business

Pathways in Business Learn about the many areas within business careers

Occupational Outlook Handbook Explore business and financial occupations