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Self Awareness

Increase your understanding of your strengths, interests, values, skills, and identities.




Find opportunities outside the classroom to help explore majors and careers.




Learn ways to explore a variety of career areas.




Explore all of the options for majors at the U of M, Twin Cities.



Explore all of the options for majors at the U of M Twin Cities, understand each major's requirements to plan for graduation, and make a back-up plan for competitive majors.

Discover Majors 

Review this list of majors to discover what majors exist at the U and starting narrowing in on your fit. Cross off any that are uninteresting and research any majors that made you curious. Hold out for majors that get you excited!

Make a Back-up Plan

Plan ahead by if you’re aiming for majors with limited admission by assessing your application and coming up with back up plans. Hope for the best and have a plan A (and B, and C…) 

Compare Majors

Evaluate the pros and cons for a few majors if you're having difficulty deciding which major is right for you.

Track Your Progress

See your progress towards any major or minor by using the What If APAS tool and plan your future semesters with the Grad Planner tool. You may be further along than you think!

Explore STEM, Health, and Business Majors

STEM, Health, and Business majors span a variety of disciplines across the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. It is important to familiarize yourself with the range of possibilities related to these fields as there are many options! 

Explore STEM Majors Explore Health Majors Explore Business Majors

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