Who can help me decide on a major?

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How can they help me make a decision about my major?

What else do they do?

Where can I find them?

CAPE Coach

They will guide you through the process of choosing a major by helping you develop a personalized, structured plan for major exploration.

They will support you with your transition process by using knowledge in transfer process, university policy, and counseling.


Center for Academic Planning and Exploration


Academic Advisor

Academic advisors can answer questions about majors and minors (especially in your college) or changing your major (and college) and discuss your academic plan and progress.

They are mostly the go-to person for any academic-related questions and concerns, and they will direct you to other resources if your problem is beyond their scope.

Check MyU page for your assigned advisor

Departmental Advisor They answer questions about major admission, requirements, and program-specific classes. You need to meet with them to declare a major or minor. Some departments handle the permission number for all of their classes. Some courses require departmental consent for you to take them. In those cases, you need to talk with them.     Check the departmental website for advising information
ISSS Advisor ISSS has a CAPE coach, Aya Maruyama, who tailors the one-on-one advising service for international students.


ISSS advisors are mostly the go-to person for any questions and concerns related to your status as an international student, and they will direct you to other resources if your problem is beyond their scope.

International Student and Scholar Services
Career Counselor These counselors help you explore majors with an emphasis on career perspective.

They help you search for internships and jobs or prepare for graduate school, and they provide career guidance and resume reviews.

Career Services Offices
UMN alumni

U of M graduates provide real-world perspectives on the fields of your interest.

They can help you build a network in your field.

Alumni NetworksLinkedIn GroupsMaroon and Gold Network

Faculty Faculty provide insights and perspectives on specific fields of study.     Professors can provide research opportunities, advice on graduate programs and careers in academia, and permission numbers in some departments. Email or visit during the office hours
Peer Peers can provide information on experiences and workload of a certain major(s). Some students who already have internship or work experience can provide you with insights and contacts in the field.

Major NetworkGopher Link