Who to Refer to CAPE

Major Exploration Coaching
  • Any strongly undecided students
  • Students looking at majors in multiple colleges
  • Students pursuing a competitive major and may need a parallel plan
  • Incoming, undecided NAS/Transfer Students after they have attended orientation and registered for courses
  • Incoming NHS/New First Year Students after they have attended orientation and registered for courses

Change of College Coaching
  • Current University of Minnesota Twin Cities undergraduate students who:
    • Have a specific major in mind and 
    • The major is in a different U of M Twin Cities college than their current college.
    • Need support in the change of college process.
  • UMTC students returning from suspension or LOA who want/need to change colleges
Not sure if you should refer to major exploration coaching, change of college coaching, or a college's specific ICT advisor/team? 

See this handy reference guide for help choosing the right resource for your student.

CAPE Services

1-1 Major Exploration Coaching

1-1 Change of College Coaching

Major Exploration Course


Major Network


Before referring to CAPE, consider which service might be best suited for the student's situation. When in doubt, refer students to our drop-in hours. Our peer coaches can help students determine which service to use and can answer quick major exploration questions. You are also welcome to call us at 612-624-3076.


Many offices assist exploring students, but CAPE's services are cross-college and more “generalistic.” Here is a list of other offices that may better serve students depending on their situation.

If the students have a major in mind …... refer them to their college/major advisor.
If the students have a declared major but are unsure about their career path …... refer them to their career services office.
If the students seek personal counseling …... refer them to Student Counseling Services or Boynton Mental Health Clinic.
If the students are interested in designing their own major …... refer them to either the Inter-College Program through CCAPS or the Individualized Degree Programs through CLA. 

Advising Exploring Students

For more information, read our "Advising for Undecided Students" page on the Undergraduate Advising website.

Tips for Advising Undecided Students