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Register for this scary-fun afternoon workshop to get closer to finding your best-fit major!

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Make an appointment with an Academic and Career Coach to make a plan to find your major.

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Spring Semester is a great time to explore majors! Sign up to meet an upperclassman in majors that interest you!

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Major Network. Looking for a major? Be a mentee and get the inside scoop

Drop-In Coaching

No Appointments Needed for Drop-In Coaching with Peer Coaches. Come in during our drop-in hours and get your questions answered!

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Explore Majors. Discover Interests. Make a Plan.

The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) provides personalized services to help undergraduate students like you develop an Action Plan to aid in your major and career decision-making process.

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Unsure of what you want to major in? Try our online Action Plan to narrow it down!

The CAPE Action Plan is an online tool you can use to help you select a major. By completeing a series of individual guided activities, you will be able to find a major that matches your interests, strengths, and values!

Did you know there are over 140 undergraduate majors at the U?

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