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Referring Students to CAPE

In general, students who are a "good" fit for CAPE are:

  • "Strongly Undecided" (don't have any idea where to start) or
  • Interested in two or more majors across U of M colleges or
  • Looking at a competitive program and are in need of a "Plan B"
  • Willing to invest some energy in the exploration process.

CAPE Services

1-1 Coaching – Major Exploration Course – Workshops – Major Network – Drop-Ins

The services offered at CAPE all are based in our Action Plan Curriculum. Before referring a student to CAPE, please consider which service might be most appropriate for each student’s situation. When in doubt, drop-in hours are available for students to determine if CAPE services are right for them and/or for quick questions regarding exploring majors. You are also welcome to call us at 612-624-3076.


Many offices assist students in exploring majors, but CAPE is unique in that it's cross-college and more "generalistic." Here is a list of other offices that my better serve students depending on their situation.

If a student:

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