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At the U of M, 77% of incoming first year students are at some level of exploration when it comes to choosing a major (Pre-Orientation Survey, 2016). It is likely that all of us who have direct contact with students will come across students who are exploring at some time during their time on campus.

Use the links on the left to find useful information and resources regarding exploring students.

CAPE Resources

CAPE Overview: Learn more about CAPE and the resources we provide to students.

Major Pages: The page lists all U of M undergraduate majors with additional links to Degree Requirements, Major Homepage, Career Info, and Learning Abroad

Exploratory Action Guides: Use these action guides to give students tangible activities addressing self-assessment, decision making, and wellness.

Major Network: If you know your exploring student could benefit by talking to others, suggest they participate in the Major Network. Students have the opportunity to be paired with a junior or senior who can share advice about the major.

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