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The Major Network is a University of Minnesota cross-college network that connects exploring students with upperclassmen who are passionate about their majors. This way, interested students can get a firsthand look at what a major is really like. Mentors answer questions about their passion, their coursework, internship searches, career goals, and more to help exploring students learn about the major.

As a whole, the Major Network is in a low-key, time-commitment-friendly environment. Exploring Students and Mentors collaborate to ask questions and share information about their major(s) of interest in a variety of ways:

  • Attending an upper-division class together
  • Meeting for coffee or corresponding via email to ask and answer questions
  • Attending a meeting or event hosted by a related student group together

The Major Network consists of two groups of students

Upper-level Mentors are students who have been identified as excellent peer resources in particular areas of study. Mentors should be passionate about their major and need to have completed a significant amount of upper-division coursework within their particular major.

Exploring Students are students who are unsure of what to major in and would like specific information from a peer about particular majors of interest.

Join the Major Network!

The Major Network is open to join in both the fall and spring semesters. Because the network is so flexible in terms of time commitment, you can apply whenever you desire. If you would like more information on the Major Network program, please contact the Major Network Coordinator at

Upper-level Mentors
Program Information (PDF) Application

Nominate an upper-division student to be a Major Network Mentor

Exploring Students
(Students who are exploring majors and would like information about a particular major)
Program Information (PDF) Application

For questions regarding the Major Network, please email us at

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