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You want to learn about about the major options at the U?

With over 140 different majors at the U, selecting the one (or two) to pursue can seem intimidating. But with so many options, you can rest assured that you will discover a major that fits you well.

    Step One: Shrink your list of possible majors by eliminating those that you have no interest in.

    It’s often easier to identify what we don’t want to do before we identify what we do want to do. Print off the complete list of U majors and begin by crossing off those major that you have no interest in pursuing.


    Step Two: Gather information about the remaining majors on your list.

    Explore the CAPE Major Profiles to learn about each major's degree requirements, which college it’s in, career options, student perspectives, and more If you have more than a handful of majors remaining, consider taking this interest assessment in order focus on the majors that best correspond with your interests. As you learn more about each, try to narrow your list even further. Think about whether you’d want to potentially major in something vs. just taking a course or two.


    Step Three: Reflect on what you've found.

    After researching majors, ask yourself: Which do you find most interesting? What made it difficult or easy to cross others off? What are the most important things you seek in a major? Identify a few that you are most curious about exploring and choose resources to learn more, including:

    • Sign up for the CAPE Major Network to gain perspectives from upper-division students in your majors of interest.
    • Meet with advisers or career counselors to gain a more in-depth understanding of majors.
    • Use our Linkedin action guide to research various career paths of UMN alumni in your majors of interest. that you have narrowed down your major options, learn more about career possibilites!

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