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You want to learn about your interests and how they relate to careers and majors?

At some point, you may have been asked, "What do you want to do for a career?" Although that can be a difficult question to answer, you likely already have some idea of how you like to spend your free time, which can be a good indicator of the types of activities you would enjoy doing as part of a career. With a little guidance from the steps below, you can use this self-knowledge to focus on both your career and major search.

    Step One: Take an interest assessment to discover your unique “Interest Profile”.

    Take 5-10 minutes to complete this brief assessment, which will provide you with a unique Interest Profile that reflects your interests based on six different themes. Your Interest Profile will be in the form of letters (ex: EAS). Write down your top 2-3 themes and use this to help you explore majors as described in Step #2.

    You can also use this assessment to explore careers that correspond with your interest profile. After receiving your results, spend time exploring the job titles within the five different Job Zones, i.e. levels of education required.


    Step Two: Use your Interest Profile and the CAPE Major Profiles to find majors in your interest areas.

    Next to each major title, there is a corresponding letter code which indicates what interest areas the major primarily involves. Look for the majors that include similar interest profile letters as your own. For example, if your interest profile is highest in Realistic, Investigative, and Social, you would look for major profiles that have R, I, and/or S next to their title. You can also sort majors based on interest letters by clicking “Explore by Interest Code” at the top.

    Step Three: Explore the Major Profiles to learn about degree requirements, career information, transfer information, student perspectives, and more!

...Now that you know your interests and how they relate to majors, learn more about major options at the U!


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